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Driver ID Scheme

Operating a mandatory driver ID scheme to ensure optimum site security



  • Only haulage companies that have been approved by our customers may register drivers. Please contact your customer/container operator to obtain this approval.  Haulage companies will need to provide contact details for their driver administration.

  • Once approved the haulier will be contacted. They can then provide our Card Admin Team driver details, including full name and driving licence number. 

  • Driver enrolment PINs will be issued to the haulage company administrator.

  • Drivers will then need to come to site to enrol on the Driver ID scheme bringing two forms of ID including their photo driving licence and their enrolment PIN.

  • Drivers issued with cards who change haulage companies will need to be "adopted" by the new company. This is done by the haulage company administrator emailing our Card Admin Team.

To see the approved list click here: Approved Hauliers
To register and enrol your drivers please follow the steps below:


1. Download the driver registration template from the following link Hams Hall Driver Template.xls and complete all details in the spreadsheet. 

Please Note: The driver(s) forename, middle name and surname must match the name on their Drivers Licence.

2. Haulier is required to ensure that the driver completes the ABP Hams Hall online induction course: https://abports-induction.co.uk/course/hams-hall-induction/

3. The completed spreadsheet must be returned to the Hams Hall Card Admin Team at the following email address: HHCardAdmin@abports.co.uk

We will ONLY accept email responses from the agreed haulier administration contact.

4. The driver(s) PIN will be issued to the authorised haulier administration contact and an appointment for enrolment at Hams Hall Railfreight Terminal reception will be made from Monday to Friday between 06:00 and 15:00. (Excluding Bank Holidays).

Please Note: Once registered you must allow up to 90 minutes for return of PINs.

5. HHCardAdmin@abports.co.uk will issue the authorised haulier administrator an enrolment PIN for each driver so they can obtain a card. 

Please Note: PINs will be issued ONLY during the hours listed above and a driver should ONLY be issued their individual pin. Do not send drivers to the terminal unless they have received a PIN.


Enrolment (Issue of Cards)

1. Drivers can enrol for their new ID card at the terminal reception once they have had their PIN between the hours of 06:00 - 15:00 Monday to Friday.  

2. Drivers MUST arrive at the terminal with their PIN, Driving Licence plus a second form of ID such as Passport / Bank Card / Rhides Card.

Please Note: If either ID and/or PIN is absent the driver will not be issued a card, preventing access to the yard.

3. A photo of the driver and a biometric finger scan will be taken during the enrolment. The biometric finger scan will be stored on the card issued to the driver and system to enable access into the restricted zone. 

1.   If you have any questions or are uncertain about what to do- please contact the HH Card Admin Team between 09:00- 15:00 Monday to Friday on 01675 461300  or email hhcardadmin@abports.co.uk 
2.   To download a copy of the haulage company admin process click link below


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Driver issued with a card used to drive for another haulier but now drives for us.

Answer: We will need an email from your admin team to let us know the driver is now driving for you and we will update our records accordingly. We call this process adoption.

2. What do we do when a driver leaves a haulage company?

Answer: Please let us know as soon as possible by emailing the card admin team and we will update our records to remove the driver from the haulage company.

3. Driver has arrived at terminal but his ID card is being refused.

Answer 1: A driver has not used his card within the last 9 months. The card will be disabled and we will need to see the two forms of ID again to reinstate the card. 

Answer 2: A driver previously drove for another haulier and his record has not been updated. We will need an email from your admin team to let us know the driver is now driving for you.

4. Driver has lost their card.

Answer: Please notify the terminal or the ABP Card Admin Team as soon as possible so the card can be disabled. To obtain a replacement card the approved haulage company administration contact must email the ABP Card Admin Team to request a replacement. Once the request has been processed the driver will need to re-enrol at the terminal for a replacement card to be produced. Please note that there is a £20.00 replacement card cost.

5. What Identification do we require to enrol?

Answer: Photo Driving Licence plus a second form of ID such as Passport/ Bank Card/ Rhides Card.


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